Tallahassee Redefines ‘Freshly Brewed’

There’s nothing more satisfying than an ice-cold craft beer, that is, until you add in the element of freshly roasted coffee beans. Tallahassee is home to an ever-evolving list of craft breweries, each one dedicated to creatively crafting beers unique personalities. To give their beers an extra twist, many of Tallahassee’s best breweries partner with local coffee shops and deliver a whole new depth of flavor.

Tallahassee Breweries

Ology Brewing

Specializing in small batch ales, this is a brewery that stakes their flavors in science. Since its opening in 2017, Ology has created a medley of craft beers with distinctive flavor notes and aromas, including their crowdpleasing Quantum Stimuli. Made with whole beans from Lucky Goat’s Mountain Goat Coffee, the Quantum Stimuli stout brew blends a deep flavor base with full coffee aroma.

Proof Brewing Co.

Proof Brewing Co. is Tallahassee’s largest brewery. After opening its doors in 2012, Proof has is of the city’s most beloved local watering holes where guests enjoy food trucks, yard games, live music and award-winning craft beer. In a special partnership with the Lucky Goat Coffee, Proof crafts the Ghost Totem Porter. This black-cloaked porter will awaken the inner spirit with bold notes of espresso and toffee.

Deep Brewing Co.

Since 2016, Deep Brewing specializes in unique small batch ales and lagers that pay homage to historic European and American styles. While its owner, a professional diver, inspired their underwater aesthetic, their partnership with Lucky Goat Coffee inspired a variety of seasonal brews including their rich stout, Morning Boat and delicious blonde ale, Chamber Goat. Each one was made by adding a mesh bag filled with warm, freshly roasted, single-origin coffee beans into the brewing barrel.

Lake Tribe Brewing

Lake Tribe is a local brewery deeply rooted in family tradition and a love for outdoor recreation. Named after a camping ground where several different families gather to this day, Lake Tribe offers live music every first and third Saturday of the month along with food trucks and a delicious selection of house brewed beers. Their partnership with Red Eye Coffee inspired one of their most popular creations, the RedIPA which is a hop forward IPA with strong pine and earthiness notes.

Tallahassee Roasteries

Lucky Goat Coffee

What started out as a local coffee bean distributor has rapidly expanded into one of Tallahassee’s top local coffee shops and most widely recognized brands. Lucky Goat offers a variety of coffee's, including Goat Tracks, which has noticeable hints of chocolate and caramel created through infusing natural oils during the roasting process. Specializing in single-origin coffees and cold brew, Lucky Goat Coffee now has multiple locations across town as a local roaster, distributor, retailer and café serving high-quality beverages and partnering with some of Tally’s top breweries including Deep, Proof and Ology.

Catalina Cafe

Catalina Café is a local, family-owned café known for their uniquely bottled cold brew coffee. Catalina is currently partnering with one of Tallahassee’s newest and trendiest outdoor pubs, Happy Motoring, with a small coffee shop at the pub's entrance. Here, they offer a variety of caffeinated drinks including the Tequila Mazagran - a coffee-infused cocktail. It features one of the most technologically advanced brewing methods in town (called the Steampunk experience), that can adjust the water temperature, brew time, and water to coffee ratio with the simple tap of the finger.

RedEye Coffee

RedEye Coffee prides itself on being socially and environmentally responsible. To fulfill their mission to the community, RedEye donates profits to benefit global empowerment charities. They also help to fill the food gap for 76 under-resourced families here in Tallahassee and are part of a student entrepreneurial mentorship program at FSU. Their partnership with Lake Tribe Brewing also helped to inspire the creation of the unique RedEye-PA as it's infused with RedEye's cold brew coffee.

Photography credit to Alexis Gautier- @alexisgautier 


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