Tallahassee's Top 10 Most Instagrammable Spots

Tallahassee is truly one of the most magical places in Florida. Between its beautiful local art, historical sites & museums, 600 miles of nature trails and unique collegiate culture, Tally’s charm and personality are truly one-of-a-kind. With so much to see and do, you’ll discover countless reasons to say #iHeartTally. We asked our fans on social media to share what they think are the most Insta-worthy spots in Tallahassee, so here are the top 10 rankings below. 

No rEgret Mural

Located beneath the CSX underpass on South Monroe St. this masterpiece is a prime example of local art. The No rEgret Mural is a vividly colorful and abstract design that coats an otherwise forgettable wall with whimsical wonder. Just seconds from downtown and Tallahassee’s beautiful Cascades Park, this is a great spot to strike a pose.

Located here.


Designed by Kenn von Roenn and fabricated by the FSU Master Craftsmen Studio, this laminated dichroic and stainless steel sculpture utilizes the power of natural light to create a stunning arrow-shaped centerpiece at the Roundabout intersecting Gaines St. and Woodward Ave. Snap a photo on your way to Doak Campbell stadium or marvel at the piece as you walk your way over to CollegeTown.

Located here.

Tallahassee Postcard

A postcard is worth a thousand words. Share a photo in front of the infamous postcard mural and show your friends what Tallahassee is all about. Bursting with bright colors, theis stunning mural was painted by a community of students and other Tallahassee locals to showcase the essence of our city by breathing new life into the area throug a sense of artistic creativity.

Located here.

TLH Structure

Standing for Florida's Capital City’s acronym, this gorgeously modern TLH structure is located along Capital Cascades Trail. It was created as an initiative to connect our surrounding communities and showcase Tallahassee’s evolving sense of local pride. The 10-foot tall steel and reclaimed cypress piece is totally insta-worthy, so get your cameras ready and capture Tallahassee’s contemporary personality and positive vibes all in one unique photograph.

Located here.

Westcott Building

A photo at Westcott is sure to inspire more than a few memories and just a glance will give you the chills. Since 1917, the Westcott fountain has been a symbol of Florida State University’s proud heritage by paying homage to all those who paved the way for success before us. Westcott is not only a stunning centerpiece of the University but also a place for both students and alumni to gather and reflect on tradition. While you're on campus, be sure to capture a photo at the Unconqured statue outside of Doak Campbell Stadium. 

Westscott located here.

Unconqured statue located here.

Happy Motoring Mural

Inspired by the Wynwood district in Miami, Happy Motoring is Tallahassee’s latest watering hole created with the intention of bringing the community together like never before. What was once an abandoned gas station, now exists as a true redevelopment area complete with a colorful instagramworthy mural that pops against the contrast of its contemporary white picnic tables and artificial turf grass.

Located here

FAMU Eternal Flame

Nothing embodies the spirit of FAMU quite like the eternal flame. Located in the heart of the University and burning 24-hours a day, the eternal flame is not only a go-to graduation photo-op, but also a gathering place for students to come together and commemorate what the Rattlers truly stand for, which is love, prosperity and community. The eternal flame is a constant reminder for students to always strive for excellence.

Located here.

Dorothy B. Oven Park & House

Rich in both history and natural beauty, the Dorothy B. Oven House features a gorgeous manor-style home with rare magnolia paneling, wooden floors, antique artwork and a charming lanai. Surrounded by more than six acres of lush North Florida garden, the area is overflowing with a stunning array of azaleas, camellias, and other local fauna. So take a stroll through this picture-perfect property and take a selfie or two as you admire its beauty and historical significance.

Located here.

Dumpster Lords Murals

Outdoor art abounds in Tallahassee! From vivid pops of color to incredibly detailed designs, the Dumpster Lords Murals are inspiring photo-ops from locals and visitors alike. Located in The Railroad Square Art Park, the murals each help to celebrate our local art community and showcase the many different aspects of our daily lives and the city’s breathtaking surroundings.

Located here.

Florida Capitol

Marvel at the beauty and majesty of Florida’s Capitol Building. Located in the heart of downtown, this is a must see attraction for history lovers, locals and any Florida resident. With a rich ancestry and historical significance, Florida’s Capitol Building provides a dignified and serviceable headquarters for state government. Make your way to the very top for a spectacular view of the entire city, and don’t forget to keep your phone charged because you’re definitely going to want to take a photo.

Located here.

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