Running in Tallahassee

by: , Elizabeth "Ely" Rosario

No matter your age, there is something truly inspiring about running alongside a train - even at a distance - or watching it go under you as you cross the Lafayette Heritage Pedestrian Bridge. During those moments, in that second in time, you feel alive, with the world at your feet.

Welcome to Tallahassee, a city with one of the oldest marathons in the state, with an active and vibrant running community fortunate enough to be able to run all year round. With an extensive network of beautiful, scenic trails, its no accident we’ve earned the nickname Trailahassee. 

My love affair with our trails started at Forest Meadows where I found access to the trails around Lake Overstreet. There I learned how to dodge the roots and never fall on my face, gained speed while running alongside Lake Overstreet and learned humility as my limits were always tested on that one, long, and gradual hill towards the end of the trail. While that trail taught me how to run and knows many of my secrets, it was at the J. R. Alford Greenway where I truly fell in love with trail running; where I was able to get lost in my own thoughts and just allow the gravel and dirt path in front of me to take me into a new and incredible journey. The same trail brought a different story and a new beginning each day.    

If you are visiting Tallahassee make time to explore our trails and make sure you take your phone/camera with you. You will regret not having that camera when you spot the gators swimming in the lake, or the deer staring blankly at you as you pass them by, or better yet the reflection of the sun on the water that gives you a mirror image all between the canopy trees. You can’t miss the magic of a sunrise on the Lafayette Heritage Trail Park where the same trail can give you a million different views all in one morning.   

Let me take you into a new journey and come Explore Tallahassee with me! 


Elizabeth "Ely" Rosario


Running Enthusiast & past Event Director for the Tallahassee Marathon & Half Marathon

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