Fine Art, Folk Art exhibit opens at Goodwood with "Ain't I A Woman"

Feb 24 2017
Jul 31 2017
Goodwood Museum and Gardens
1600 Miccosukee Rd.
Tallahassee, FL 32308
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Fine Art, Folk Art exhibit opens at Goodwood with "Ain't I A Woman"

From grand boulevards to solitary backroads, "Fine Art, Folk Art" is an extraordinary exhibit highlighting Goodwood’s collection of European and American art and the work of Louisiana's famed self-taught artist Clementine Hunter, a plantation workerIt opens to the public on Feb. 24 and continues through July 31, with outstanding programs featured throughout.

The programs begin Feb. 24 with Ain’t I a Woman, presented by the Core Ensemble.

Through theater and chamber music, the program celebrates the lives and times of four powerful African American women:
-- ex-slave and abolitionist Sojourner Truth
-- novelist and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston
-- folk artist Clementine Hunter, whose work is featured in the Fine Art, Folk Art exhibit
-- and Civil Rights worker Fanny Lou Hamer. 

The musical score is drawn from the heartfelt spirituals of the Deep South, the urban vitality of the Jazz Age, and contemporary concert music by African American composers such as Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk, Max Roach, and Diane Monroe.

The program starts at 7 p.m. in Goodwood's Carriage House. $10 for Goodwood members; $12 for general admission.
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Goodwood Museum & Gardens opens at 10 a.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

Mark your calendars for these upcoming "Fine Art, Folk Art" special programs:

Friday, March 10
Art Restoration and Conservation by Freda Durrett, Friday Lecture Series, 12 PM in Jubilee Cottage.  Ms. Durrett is currently restoring several paintings for the Museum.  Bring your art in need of restoration or conservation for a complimentary condition assessment following Ms. Durrett’s presentation.  A percentage of any work contracted through Ms. Durrett as a result of this event will directly benefit Goodwood’s Collections Fund. Free and open to the public.

Tuesday, March 23
Clementine Hunter’s World documentary, reception and/or exhibit tour at 5 PM, documentary viewing at 6 PM, in the Carriage House, $10.  Ticket includes wine and cheese reception and admission to the Fine Art, Folk Art exhibit.  As the civil rights protests of the 1950s were beginning to jolt America, self-taught African American artist Clementine Hunter quietly painted a visual diary of plantation life in Melrose, Louisiana – unaware her painted images would in time become portals to remind viewers there were always two sides of the 20th century plantation fence. Documentary, 35 min., NR.

Tuesday, March 28
Admiring the Hush Arbor: Exceptional Resistance from Enslaved People, 7 PM on Goodwood’s grounds. The Florida Public Archaeology Network, the John G. Riley Center and Museum, and Goodwood present a historical perspective on a religious practice carried out by enslaved people.  In an outdoor setting reminiscent of this tradition, speakers will address the history of hush arbors and other avenues of cultural perseverance, how this tradition relates to contemporary issues, and the music that accompanied this historical tradition.  Free and open to the public.

Thursday, April 6
Goodwood’s Grand Tour, 6 to 9 PM on Goodwood’s Grounds, tickets $50.  Take the “European Grand Tour” on Goodwood’s majestic grounds and mingle with art’s masters during this fête extraordinaire.  Enjoy the sidewalk artists of Paris, experience an edible still life, sip wine with the view of the water lilies of Monet—join us for an evening to delight the senses. 

Thursday, May 4
Collectors and Crooks, Carriage House, 6 PM, tickets $50 for general admission, $45 for members.This Louisiana-inspired dinner and lecture includes two experts involved with the FBI investigation and successful prosecution of an art forgery ring—FBI Special Agent Randall Deaton and Tom Whitehead, longtime friend of Clementine Hunter and owner of the collection currently on exhibit.

For sponsorship opportunities for the exhibit or individual events, please contact Jennifer Humayun, Co-Executive Director, at, 850-877-4202 x223.

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