Gene Pullen, Master Carver

Jun 26 2016
Mar 31 2017
Pebble Hill Plantation
1251 US Hwy. 319 South
Thomasville, GA
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Admission Fees:Complete Tour:Adults: $15.00Children: $6.00 (6 - 12 yrs.) *children under the age


9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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Gene Pullen, Master Carver

An exhibition of the work of Gene Pullen is on display in the Elisabeth Ireland Poe Gallery at Pebble Hill Plantation. Charles Eugene (“Gene”) Pullen was a very talented, self-taught artist whose carving works can be found throughout Pebble Hill Plantation. Gene’s first project at Pebble Hill was to carve butter molds for Mrs. Harvey that featured some of her prize-winning Jersey cows. And later he created horse hoof carvings and saddle racks. Hunting horns, figurines, cabinet details, and many other items in the Main House showcase his work and his extreme attention to detail. A backgammon set, featuring favorite dogs versus the animals of the hunt, is quite unique.

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