Honest Visions: Artists and Autism Exhibition

Feb 17 2017
Mar 26 2017
Museum of Fine Arts, Florida State University
530 W Call St
Tallahassee, FL
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1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Arts & Culture Local Community
Honest Visions: Artists and Autism Exhibition

"Honest Visions" features exceptional two and three-dimensional works by artists with autism. Each artist encounters his or her neurological differences with uniquely fascinating expressions, yet a common thread of authenticity ties the artistic manifestations together. They represent truth, sincerity, and unabashed personal declarations.   As Mikaela Sheldt once remarked about the truth she finds in her art, “It’s not about making paintings, it’s about conveying that truth most effectively, most honestly and most vulnerably.”   “Honest Visions” is the first invitational exhibition in the Artists and Autism series presented by the FSU Autism Institute and the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities in partnership with VSA Florida.

For more information, call 850-644-1299 or go to http://www.tallahasseearts.org/event/honest-visions-artists-and-autism-exhibition/.

Phone: 850-644-1299