T.O.U.R. Guide - Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory

Feb 18 2017
Gulf Specimen Marine Lab
222 Clark Drive
Panacea, FL
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Admission Fee:

Free on Feb. 18


10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Local Community Outdoors & Nature
T.O.U.R. Guide - Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory opens its doors to the public for free on Saturday, Feb. 18, as part of the T.O.U.R. Guide program, encouraging people to explore, or rediscover, the wonders of our area.

The Marine Lab exhibits sea creatures it captures in nearby Gulf waters, to promote appreciation for the diversity of life in the sea and a desire to protect it. Using touch tanks, graphic exhibits and field trips that provide hands-on experiences, the Marine Lab enables visitors to touch, smell, hear and even taste the odd and interesting creatures that inhabit the Gulf of Mexico.

The sea life includes seahorses, starfish, turtles, octopi, jellyfish, rays, many species of crabs and fish, and marine plants.

To help maintain this facility, the staff supplies schools and research laboratories with marine specimens from the Gulf. Its work has won state, national and international awards for contributing to scientific research.

While most aquariums feature large, charismatic marine mammals and sharks, Gulf Specimen Marine Lab focuses on the fascinating world of the small, providing a close-up view of hundreds of species of local invertebrates, fish and algae. Occasionally it takes in sharks and sea turtles for rehabilitation and release.

Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in on the Gulf Coast, less than an hour's drive from downtown Tallahassee.

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For more information, call 850-984-5297 or go to http://www.gulfspecimen.org/.

Phone: 850-984-5297