#IHeartTally Mobile Campaign Wins Flagler Award for Tourism Marketing


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (September 22, 2016) – The Leon County Division of Tourism (Visit Tallahassee) #IHeartTally mobile advertising campaign recently was recognized as one of the finest in Florida and won a Silver “Flagler Award” for outstanding tourism marketing.

Flagler Awards, created by VISIT FLORIDA, annually recognize top tourism promotional campaigns in the Sunshine State. Winners are selected in statewide competition.

Visit Tallahassee’s campaign, executed by the Zimmerman Agency, targeted visitors staying in local hotels, encouraging them to explore the community’s attractions, restaurants and venues for entertainment and cultural experiences. Visitors were targeted based on their proximity to hotels throughout Leon County. Visit Tallahassee’s research revealed many visitor itineraries had substantial potential for enrichment that could be realized through better awareness of opportunities delivered in real time. The campaign emphasized the range of experiences available.

Mobile and tablet ads were served to visitors staying at local hotels. The ads connected users to neighborhood-based landing pages that featured nearby restaurants, attractions and other things to do. 

This is the eighth time the Division of Tourism Development has won a Flagler Award for its tourism promotion programs. In 2011, it won the coveted Henry Award for Tourism Advocacy, one of the Flagler Award program’s highest honors.


Visit Tallahassee


Leon County Division of Tourism (Visit Tallahassee)

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