Piney Z Playground

For obvious reasons water sources have always played an important role for humans. It’s a source of survival and recreation alike, and Lake Piney Z is no different. The lake takes front and center stage to Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, located on the east side of Tallahassee. Here guests can enjoy many outdoor activities like biking, fishing, running/walking and kayaking/canoeing without ever leaving the city.

Lake Piney Z is a great location for fishing, whether from a boat or the bank. If you’re fishing from a boat, remember that it’s hand launch only with no gasoline motors. Kayak or canoe would be your best option. No watercraft? No problem! Piney Z offers multiple fishing “fingers” that extend out into the lake creating plenty of open shoreline for fishing. Enjoy catching bass, speckled perch, bream and even carp from a variety of locations. Here’s a tip, look for the fish attractors located within casting distance off a few of the fingers.

Piney Z is also a great area to enjoy the many miles of foot and pedal trails surrounding the lake. From shared use trails to mountain bike specific trails, you can find a route to suit your needs. The shared use trail is a beginner trail that is suitable for walkers, joggers, leisure cyclists, and more. Abide by the trail rules to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all. The Cadillac trail is specifically designed for mountain bikers of all skill levels. Be sure to keep an eye on the trail markers that notify you of the level of difficultly each section offers, from easy to expert. 

Paddle enthusiast? Piney Z provides paddling trails through cypress swamps and lily pads with amazing scenery giving the feeling of being out in the wilderness, all while still in town. Enjoy wildlife viewing as you meander along the dense vegetation. Alligators, Ospreys, Red-Shouldered hawks and owls are common sights along this beautiful lake.

No matter your leisure activity of choice or your skill level, Piney Z lake, located within Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, is surrounded with a day’s worth of family fun! Pack a lunch, grab the fishing poles, kayaks, bicycles and enjoy a day in Tallahassee’s backyard.

Kayaking in Lake Piney Z

Harry Smith, A Tallahassee Native & Author Author:

Harry Smith


As a Tallahassee native, Harry has always appreciated the great outdoors. Now as a guide and long time avid kayak angler, he takes great pride in opening the eyes of veteran residents as well as newcomers to the state to all of the wonders that north Florida has to offer. Whether it is by foot, bike, or kayak, Harry never turns down an adventure and is always eager to share ideas among fellow enthusiasts. As the owner of Harry Smith Outdoors, and an ambassador for the state, he can always be found with a smile on his face and the outdoors on his mind.

You can find Harry on Facebook at or come by and see him in Railroad Square Art Park at 694-4a Industrial Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32310.

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