Keep Tallahassee Beautiful

“Keep Tallahassee Beautiful”, what does it mean? Depending on the type of person, the meaning can be interpreted in many different ways. But, I think we can all agree that trash and human waste can make even the most serene, joyous and beautiful areas unsettling, depressing and unattractive. This holds true for everywhere. Whether it be along Gaines St. during a Florida State home football game, scattered among one of your favorite hiking trails, floating down one of the many spring fed rivers local to our area or along the shoreline of the expansive salt marsh just south of town. Keeping these areas garbage free instills a sense of pride as well as contributes to the aesthetics of an area. Doing our individual part by practicing pack in - pack out and leave no trace techniques helps ensure that Tallahassee stays beautiful.

One of the ways I contribute to the conservation of our playground is keeping a trash bag on me when I am out on an adventure. I always leave an area a little better than I found it. This holds especially true at some of the boat ramps and kayak launches I use. Public use areas where there are no trash receptacles tend to be the worst. It is not unusual to fill a trash bag up every outing in some of these areas. Although harder, I also gather as much trash as I can along rivers and lakes. If we all take just a few minutes of our time to do this, maybe we can persuade others of its benefits. This way generation after generation can appreciate what this region offers.

Aside from litter, there are other ways of helping preserve the beauty that surrounds Tallahassee. Staying on designated trails, not harassing the wildlife and respecting banks and marsh shorelines all help aid in keeping Tallahassee beautiful. Most of our trails, waterways and wildlife areas have information regarding proper behavior when out exploring. If you read and respect this information, you will do your part in conserving these areas for years to come.


Harry Smith, A Tallahassee Native & Author Author:

Harry Smith


As a Tallahassee native, Harry has always appreciated the great outdoors. Now as a guide and long time avid kayak angler, he takes great pride in opening the eyes of veteran residents as well as newcomers to the state to all of the wonders that north Florida has to offer. Whether it is by foot, bike, or kayak, Harry never turns down an adventure and is always eager to share ideas among fellow enthusiasts. As the owner of Harry Smith Outdoors, and an ambassador for the state, he can always be found with a smile on his face and the outdoors on his mind.

You can find Harry on Facebook at or come by and see him in Railroad Square Art Park at 694-4a Industrial Dr. Tallahassee, FL 32310.

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