Moveable Gourmet

Somewhere in the great beyond, cattle herder and consummate cowboy Charles Goodnight smiles and approves.  In 1866, he converted an old Army wagon into a mobile kitchen, stocked with dried foods, utensils, spices and even medicine.  It marked the birth of the chuck wagon.

By the 1890s, lunch wagons catered to big-city workers needing reliable, convenient food.  Vendors soon moved beyond factories and construction sites, feeding “those on the go.”  Form these pedestrian roots, today’s food trucks now reflect a “hip” option to gourmet dining.

Tallahassee foodies can embrace many possibilities with food truck appearances at major events and a weekly gathering, Food Truck Thursday.  Arrive early, bring an appetite and enjoy live entertainment too.

Today’s gourmet pizza, exotic wraps, to-die-for grilled cheese sandwiches and other delights defy the fried beans, salt pork and simple cornmeal creations from the chuck wagon days. But, follow the herd and savor the latest fun dining craze.  Plus, there’s the benefit of enjoying your meal under Tallahassee’s signature oaks.  And pass those red velvet waffles.

Visit the Tallahassee Food Truck Association website for events and a complete list of vendors.  Check out Food Truck Thursday from 5 to 9 PM at Lake Ella or the Food Truck Court at 725 S. Bronough St. on Wednesdays from 11 AM – 2 PM.


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