Bird's Aphrodisiac Shack

by: Pedro Sempertegui, Dining/Nightlife/Shopping Expert

A burger at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack in Tallahassee, Florida

I had first heard about Birds a few years back when my friend had invited me to see him do standup comedy. He's a funny guy, so I figured he'd have some good laughs.  He promised that he had a funny set and that they had cheap Yuengling on tap.  Cheap beer and some laughs?  A pretty hard combination to pass up on a Wednesday night.

When I found the place I was a little confused as to what to think.  I was expecting to see some sort of avis or fowl for the logo, but there was nothing of the sort.  Walking up, I saw a giant pink sign that had an eye-lashed, full-lipped oyster smiling at me.  Oyster Shack?  I remember questioning what sort of establishment the place was.

Looking back, I can't help but appreciate the quirkiness.  With a funky name like Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack, the place has personality.  Stepping inside, you'll see that the walls are covered in record sleeves and other funky pop culture memorabilia.  It all draws the eyes towards the stage that sits in the corner of the room.  All throughout the week, Birds hosts live comedy, live music, karaoke, and trivia nights on their stage.   Every Wednesday through Saturday night, Bird's showcases Tallahassee talent.

While many come for the comedy and music, they all stay for the great food.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't had their oysters, but their burgers keep me coming back for more.  They come in two sizes, 10 oz for $8 and 20 oz for $11.  Below the 20 oz, the menu says "the bigger ones are just for show... you don't want none of this".  They aren't kidding with that warning.  The 20 oz is a force to be reckoned with. You can add another patty for $3, but I doubt that you'd need too. 

Being heralded as an oyster shack, it's funny that their burgers are some of the best in town.  I'd easily rank them with the likes of burger heavyweights like Monk's or Voodoo Dog.  All of which are miles ahead of any of the other fast food joints.

Karaoke at Bird's Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack The open mic night on Wednesday's would be the best time to try Bird's out, but I'd recommend arriving early because the place fills up quick.  Up and coming Tallahassee comedians offer their unique insight on things people tend to gloss over.  Anything from politics to poop jokes gets discussed in this comedic open forum.  There are new faces pretty much every week so it's always something new.   Keep in mind that while poop jokes are okay for all ages, politics can lead to some pretty colorful language.  I wouldn't recommend bringing the kids to open mic night, unless you want to explain some things on the drive home.

For those who feel that their opinions need a wider audience than your Facebook newsfeed, I'd suggest making it to one of the comedy workshops that they hold every Thursday.  It offers a great opportunity to sharpen your wit over some pitchers and prepare yourself for the following week's open mic night.  I've met many of the comedians and they're like a big family.  One that drinks, curses, and isn't afraid to tell you your joke sucks.  Remember that it's all out of love.

Pedro Sempértegui - Recent Graduate from Florida State in Tallahassee Author:

Pedro Sempertegui

Dining/Nightlife/Shopping Expert


Pedro Sempértegui is a recent graduate of Florida State University's English department. After growing up in the quiet suburb of Coral Springs, Fl, he moved to the capital to pursue writing. Since Tallahassee's nightlife has introduced him to new music, awesome food, and delicious microbrews, it's only right that he tries to pass on that knowledge.

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