Club Downunder

by: Pedro Sempertegui, Dining/Nightlife/Shopping Expert

Club Downunder on Florida State University's campus in Tallahassee, FloridaClub Downunder is one of Florida State University's best kept secrets. I say that it's a secret because during my time as an undergrad, I found that a lot of people had no idea that there was an awesome music venue on campus in the student union.

Through the years, so many great bands have passed through Club Downunder during their tours of the south east. Some notable acts that graced the stage include Death Cab for Cutie, The National and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Also, last year, 80's alt rock band "Meat Puppets" played to a packed house, drawing people from North Florida and Georgia.

The venue is run almost completely by students. They research the bands that are on tour during the fall and spring, and reach out to the various booking agencies that represent them. For opening acts, the booking managers often reach into Tallahassee's local scene to fill the bill. I can only imagine how great the experience of knowing both sides of a concert.
Club Downunder has two levels with standing room only on the first and some seating on the second. People usually hang around on the second floor during the openers and make their way up to the stage as the headliners set up. For those who are like me and prefer to get a good seat, getting there early is a must.

As for drinks, the venue is outfitted with a beer only bar on the second floor. The beers range between $2.50 and $4. Having worked there it was always interesting to notice how the type of show would affect what we needed to stock up on. For the alternative indie rock/rap group Why? we ran clean out of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

For those who fancy spirits over beer, I'd recommend heading next door to Chili's for their full bar. Having a couple rounds there before the show is a great way to start the night. Both Chili's and the Club Downunder bar accept cash, card, and both of FSU's fun money credits (Garnet Bucks, Flex Bucks).

Check out their website and like their Facebook page to stay up to date on the upcoming shows. Some upcoming shows that I'm absolutely excited for are Dan Deacon coming up this week and Helio Sequence in January.

Listen to Dan Deacon on Spotify 
Listen to Helio Sequence on Spotify

Pedro Sempértegui - Recent Graduate from Florida State in Tallahassee Author:

Pedro Sempertegui

Dining/Nightlife/Shopping Expert


Pedro Sempértegui is a recent graduate of Florida State University's English department. After growing up in the quiet suburb of Coral Springs, Fl, he moved to the capital to pursue writing. Since Tallahassee's nightlife has introduced him to new music, awesome food, and delicious microbrews, it's only right that he tries to pass on that knowledge.

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